Expat Renting

We offer the possibility to rent a desk for people that from outside Italy, that want to temporary work in one of the most beautiful locations of the world, Lucca, Tuscany, Italy.

Working in a new surrounding and with other professionals from all over the world, will give energy, insights and of course a lot of fun.
Your working space is right in the middle of the beautiful historical city of Lucca, between the finest hotels, best bars and restaurants and shopping.
Cost for renting a temporary working space/desk is €299. This gives you a month access. If you want to stay longer, then the price can go down to €199,- per month.

If desired, we will support you on getting sleeping and travel demands. From budget until luxury, whatever you have in mind.

Lucca is a historical city with a 85.000 population. From origin it has always been a rich city and this is recognizable when you walk through the city. Lucca has walls of 4 kilometer that surround the old city. It is an impressive sight when you see this for the first time.

Florence, Pisa, Pestioia are just a few of citytrips that are within an hour distance from Lucca. As well the sea is just 15 minutes drive.
Just a few minutes drive from the walls and you are in the hills of Tuscany, with wine- and olive guards. Due the many tourist, the people are used to speak in English and German. In any case you will taste the best wine and food.

Where do I sleep ?

Lucca is also known for the tourist that visit the city and Tuscany. Resulting in hundreds of b&b, Airbnb, hotels, hostels and agriturismo options.  Pricing depends on luxury, moment of booking and period of staying. It can start from little as 15 euro per night.

Do you provide support on sleeping and/or transport ?

If needed, we can help with getting this organized. Contact us with your desires

Can I come with colleagues ?

Yes, with a  maximum of 10 colleagues. It will be a fun, productive and inspiring time

Can I talk English at the location and/or in Lucca ?

At our office, we speak English, Dutch, German, French, Polish and Italian. In the city itself, most restaurants, bars, hotels, shops etc. the staff speaks English

Planning an Appointment

Call 0031681163949 for planning an appointment to see your future working space. Or leave your details

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